Our Mission is to: WARM the HEARTS and “SOLES” of every cancer patient possible! If we can make them smile, even momentarily, then we have accomplished our mission!!!! We collect new, warm, cuddly, cozy, soft, socks, hats, scarves and gloves for all cancer patients. Contact bonnie@warmoutoflove.com and make a difference. Warm Out Of Love (WOOL) Please visit us on Facebook and become a fan! Three years ago,  my son collected hats, socks. scarves and gloves for his Mitzvah project for his Bar Mitzvah. He named it “Warm Out Of Love, The WOOL Fund”, in my honor while he watched me go through the many phases of breast cancer treatment. It meant more to me than words can describe.  This year, again, we will be collecting money donations as well, and we will buy all the WOOL™ to be free for the taking by the patients. Our goal is to break last year’s numbers and distribute the first batch by early October 2010.I was going to the hospitals at least 2 times a week  this year because of the graciousness of so many people. This is my way of Paying It Forward and saying “Thank You” to all that have reached out to me and continue to be there for my family and me. We now take PayPal as well!!! www.facebook.com/warmoutoflove © 2011 WarmOutOfLove.com TM